Thursday, October 8, 2015

{Getting Ready for} St. Simon's Craft Fair

The St. Simon's Craft Fair is almost upon us, and with all the excitement over our AWESOME Sew Modern Quilt Lab, and all the demands of autumn - school starting, new routines, and the countdown to the holidays - let's make sure this event fall is just as successful!

The St. Simon's Craft Fair will be held on November 6 - 7 at St. Simon's on the Sound Episcopal Church in Ft. Walton Beach.

If you have handmade items - or even have unfinished items - please remember to bring them to the October 10 meeting!

We are asking each member to bring 2 handmade items to sell at St. Simon's.

Stuck for ideas?  Not much time to create something handmade?  We've gotcha covered!  Check out our Pinterest board for some fun, quick ideas for handmade items that will sell!

Running out of time?  Maybe you can use our Sew Day to make a few items!

Maybe you have some orphan blocks lying around that just need some finishing to create a wonderful bazaar item!  Orphan blocks could make great pillow covers for example.  Sew Day would be a great time to turn a couple of orphan blocks into great handmade items for St. Simon's.

Maybe you started something and haven't had time to get back to it...  Sew Day would be a great time to finish up those items - or even get some help finishing them up.  There are always willing hands and hearts at Sew Day.

Kristy and Deb will have a booth mock up at our October 10th meeting, and it is always fun to see it come together as people add their contributions to the booth.  Please bring yours and help make our booth a success!

Don't forget to sign up to work a shift!  Kristy and Deb will need everyone's help to man the booth.

Working together we can make this event a success!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Meeting

Our October meeting will be held Saturday, October 10, at 10:00 am at our usual meeting location at the First Baptist Church of Crestview.  We hope you can join us for our meeting.  Since we had our AMAZING Sew Modern Quilt Lab in September, there is quite a lot of business to cover in October and your voice is important. 

Our luncheon will be a baked potato bar, so Kristy would like us to use Facebook to sign up to bring a salad, topping for the potatoes, or a dessert. Some ideas for toppings are chili, white chicken chili, cheese, sour cream, bacon, and chives.

We will be holding nominations for officers for the 2015-2016 year.  If you are interested in nominating someone to serve on the Executive Board next year, be sure to come and have your voice heard.  We will also need 2 volunteers to serve on the election committee to count ballots in November.  Please let a board member know if you are interested in serving the guild in that capacity.  In addition, we will need volunteers to staff the many Committee positions that help our guild run smoothly next year.  If you wish to serve on a committee next year, please let a board member know before our November meeting.

We will be voting on a few important changes to the By-Laws.  You received an email a couple of weeks ago outlining those changes. Please review the email prior to the meeting.

We will be participating in the St. Simon's Craft Fair on November 6 and 7 at St. Simon's on the Sound Episcopal Church.  Please bring any items you have made to sell at the event.  Kristy and Deb will be doing a mock up of the booth at our meeting.  We are asking each member to bring at least handmade 2 items to sell.   If you haven't had much time to craft amazing handmade items for this event, may we suggest that you use the Sew Day portion of our meeting to fulfill this request?  We have loads of bazaar ideas on our Pinterest page.

We have 2 block lottery blocks for this month.

The September block is the Woven Chevron block in aqua and coral/salmon with Kona or Bella white as the background.

The October block is the Zig Zag block, in Halloween prints/solids with a black background.  Please remember to make some of these in red/white/blue for our QOV blocks.  Instructions for both blocks are here.

This meeting will also be the big reveal for the Anniversary Scrap Swap.  Be sure to bring your partner's item to the meeting.  I suggest putting your item in a gift bag to maintain the suspense until the big moment. =)

Naturally, we will have a recap of our Sew Modern Quilt Lab and introduce the new members who joined the guild as a result of that event.  Welcome!  We are so excited to have you join us!   And many thanks to Marcy and all those who made the event such a success. 

Our program for the meeting will be 15 Minutes of Play by Natalie and Cindy. 

It's sure to be a busy and fun-filled meeting!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

We {Heart} Our SMQL Sponsors

Westwood Acres Exclusive Farmer's Wife Quilt Kit.  (Photo Courtesy of Westwood Acres.)

What does a modern quilter do when she/he can't find the entire line of their favorite designer fabric in a local quilt shop? Look for it online of course!

Many of you already shop with this sponsor - Westwood Acres - but for those who are unfamiliar, let me tell you what you've been missing.

Westwood Acres speciality is gorgeous, MODERN, pre-cut fabric bundles (F8, FQ, yards) usually sold in complete designer sets. Every print. Every colorway. The entire line. Every time.

Amanda also curates bundles that are exclusive to her shop; has special sales that sell out almost instantly; ships to the far corners of the globe; has monthly "stash clubs"; involves the modern quilting community with her frequent giveaways; ships domestically for a flat $5.50 fee regardless of the size of your order; and has impeccable customer service.

Thank you Westwood Acres for partnering with us as soon we asked!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We {Heart} Our SMQL Sponsors

This week is ECMQG's First EVER!!! Sew Modern Quilt Lab and we are getting EXCITED!!  Many members have put so much time and effort into making this event FABULOUS!  But we surely couldn't do it without our wonderful SPONSORS!

Over the next week or two, we will introduce you to all of them, but today we will focus on 3 of our local sponsors who have generously donated items to make SMQL an event to remember.

Margie's Sew Much Fun is located in Crestview.   They have more than 3500 bolts of fabric in stock, are an authorized Bernina dealer, and are more than willing to special order fabric if you ask.  Margie's has a great selection of books, patterns, tools and notions too! 

Thanks also to The Sewing Center Around the Block in Fort Walton Beach. A lot of us may know Sheri Easom and her staff because of their machines - Husgvarna Viking and Brother, as well as their back room full of fabric. What many of you may not know is ECMQG held its very first meeting in Sheri's classroom space way back in September 2011. Thanks Sheri (and staff) for supporting us for so long!

If you happen to be in Destin, stop by and say hello to Michelle who is living the dream by owning her own quilt shop. Thank you Chalk Board Quilts for partnering with us!

 Be sure to thank each of these great shops for sponsoring SMQL when you visit!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sept and Oct Block Lottery 2015 - Woven Chevron and Zig Zag Blocks

For our October meeting we have 2 blocks for you to participate in, yes that is TWO blocks to play with. 

One is actually a September block that will be turned in with our October meeting as well as the block for October. 

We will have 2 lotteries for that meeting so it should be lots of fun!

Sept block:

Woven Chevron block completes at 8.5in unfinished. Color palette will be Kona or Bella white for the back ground & aqua and coral/salmon for the colors.

We found this block at Elven Gardens blog & she has some lovely block tutorials there, it is well worth a look around!

When putting this block together, make sure to sew a scant 1/4” as well as press your seams. I am a starching queen as it seems to help maintain the correct size for my block. We are doing a lot of the HST’s for these lotteries in October because you can come up with so many variations!. On that note? One of the things you need to pay attention to is when you put your blocks together, is the direction of your pieces. If you don’t? You might end up with your own design… LOL!

Oct Block:

The October block is called the ZigZag path and is done in Halloween fabrics & solids with a background of black. I changed the color scheme up as follows from the original post: the teal was changed to black (background), the "white" is the solid color to match the print (in mine, the solids were purple, orange, grey & green with prints to match) & the “red” in the pattern is the actual Halloween print. 

For those of you that don’t like Halloween prints? How about some QOV blocks out of red, white & blue? I think this block would make some stunning blocks for the QOV.

Some tips for this block that I discovered is to use a scant 1/4 inch seam on the diagonals as well as cut the 4 7/8 inch blocks as 5 inch blocks. This gives you a little more room to press & starch & then cut down to a 4.5” block. Also remember to refer back to the diagram so that your design matches the the correct spin/pattern! Otherwise your seam ripper will become your best friend once again. LOL!

Happy sewing!

Block Lottery Coordinator 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

4th Anniversary Scrap Swap Challenge

Once again, it is time for our annual Scrap Swap Challenge to commemorate our 4th Anniversary!   This may just be the most exciting, most fun swap of the year!  This swap is open to all ECMQG members in good standing.

Here's what you do:
1.  Fill a **quart size** zip lock bag with fabrics from your scrap bin - all colors and sizes.   You will want to have a bag full of scraps that reflect the things you like.

2.  Bring the bag to our guild meeting on August 8th.

3.  Put your zip lock in a brown paper bag, which will be provided.  Do not put your name on it.

4.  Each member who brought a bag will take a bag from the table.

5.  The recipient of each bag will confer with the donor about the item they would like to receive. 

6.  Sewists will have two months to make a fabulous scrappy item for their partner from the scraps their partner provided.  Sewists may add only one other fabric to complete their project. 

7.  Bring your creation to our meeting on October 10th for the Big Reveal!  (Be sure to return excess scraps.)

8.  Oooh and ahhh over all the wonderful quilty goodness at the reveal.

9.  Be sure and thank your partner for your gift.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 2015 Meeting Minutes

Our July 2015 meeting took place at the Niceville Presbyterian Church.  Before the meeting, there was lots of eye candy, as Marcy had created this fabulous display to announce our First Ever Modern Quilt Lab!


Kira called the meeting to order and our five visitors introduced themselves.  One member had a birthday and received a fabric lollipop.

Riley Blake Challenge

The Riley Blake Challenge using "The Cottage Garden" fabric by The Quilted Fish was discussed and members showed off their creations.  Because the challenge ends July 31, 2015, all entries must be uploaded to the MQG Community Page by the deadline.

Chautauqua Quilt Show

We will be participating in the Chautauqua Quilt Show next February with all quilts completed no later than February 10, 2016.  A quilt show was one of our 2015 goals; joining with another guild allows us to "learn the ropes."  This is not a juried show, however, viewers will award "People's Choice" ribbons in several categories.  All entries are welcome.  We would love to have a fabulous representation of modern quilting.  

Individuals may enter as many quilts as they would like.  The theme for the show is "Quilting With the Stars."  There are many star quilt blocks and quilts  pinned to our Pinterest board for inspiration.  Our group quilt effort will be wonky stars.  

Some of the rules were discussed, such as large quilts must have a quilt sleeve on the back for hanging; each quilt must have its own "pillowcase" to keep it clean; all quilts must be labeled; etc.  A representative from the Chautauqua Quilter's Guild will attend our August meeting to answer questions.

Upcoming Meetings

"Her Light Within" made by Kira for Cindy in the 2013 Scrappy Swap
Our annual Anniversary Scrap Swap Challenge will begin at the August meeting, so bring a ziplock back full of scraps for your partner to make you something yummy.  Participants will know who they are sewing for and who is sewing for them, so they may ask what their partner might like.  Sewists do not have to use all the scraps, but they may only use one additional fabric.  Finished projects will be gifted in October.  Please ensure you can meet that due date.  

September will be our retreat, "The First Ever Sew Modern Quilt Lab," taking place Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12.  There will be NO regular meeting.

Cindy will do our presentation in October, "15 Minutes of Play," (improv quilting.)

Block Lottery

We had 22 Blooming Star blocks for this month's block lottery completed!  And the winner is...Jean Turner.  

The August block will be the Sticks and Stones block from the Missouri Star Quilt Company (who also happen to be one of our sponsors for the retreat) in either yellow or orange tones, and using either Kona or Bella white.

Charity Quilts

ECMQG Dutchman's Puzzle Quilt for Fisher House. Blocks by ECMQG members.  
Our current charity quilt projects were discussed.  We have nearly finished our second Quilt of Valor - it just needs to be bound.  

Members were reminded that we also collect Block Lottery blocks in red/white/blue fabrics for future QOV quilts. Many thanks to Jennifer and Bobbi, who often make them.  Everyone is encouraged to do the same, time and fabric stash permitting.  There are specific requirements for Quilts of Valor which can be found here.

Natalie finished the Fisher House quilt top.  It needs to be quilted and bound and presented in August prior to the September silent auction.  Several people (thank you) put their names in to finish it.  

As we were meeting, Melissa J completed the binding for the reverse rainbow baby quilt which we chose to donated to the Ronald McDonald House.


Four of our visitors became the newest ECMQG'rs!  Welcome Carmen, Jessie, Pam & Pat!  New ECMQG logo buttons were given to everyone present.  

Door Prizes

Lots of prizes were given to ten lucky ECMQG'rs!

The First Ever Sew Modern Quilt Lab

Marcy gave us the overview of the presentation she's given to other local quilt guilds about our retreat, The First Ever Sew Modern Quilt Lab.

Registration will open Monday on the blog.  The first week will be for guild members only.  After that, registration is open to all.  ECMQG'rs receive a discount; class sizes are limited.

St. Simon's Craft Fair

Kristy and Deb discussed ideas for the St. Simon's on the Sound Craft Show to be held in Ft. Walton Beach the first weekend in November.  Members are asked to make one or two items for the show which will be sold to support the guild. 

Members may also make their own items to sell with 10% of the proceeds being returned to the guild to cover the cost of the booth.

All items should reflect who we are as a guild and be made with a modern aesthetic.  Specifically, asked and answered, was a question about sewing with licensed materials (NCAA logos) for collegiate items.  You can not.   You can use the colors, but not officially licensed logos.  

Please bring all items to the October meeting.  The sign-up times for helping at the booth will be available then. 

Show and Tell

Several members showed their quilts and other items to the guild members.

After the meeting, we enjoyed a delicious "picnic" lunch and several members stayed to sew.

Respectfully submitted,
Wendi Mihalik