Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 2015 Meeting

Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild
Meeting minutes: January 10, 2015  10am

A warm welcome was extended by Kira Bell, President, to existing members, new members, guests and visitors. There were 12 new faces at the meeting, some a result of a modern quilting presentation given to the Milton Quilt Guild last November.

The benefits of guild membership were highlighted.

The new board members and committee chairs were introduced.

     Eight members celebrated birthdays in December or January. These members received their birthday fabric “lollipops” and a rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung by those present.


     Yvonne Campbell and Cricket Harris presented a program on making a lined drawstring bag. The tutorial can be found at Jeni Baker’s blog,

The swap at next month’s meeting, “Sweet Pouch”, will utilize the drawstring pouch. Instructions and signup for the swap are available online at: 
The deadline for signing up is January 17, 2015. Contact Cricket or Yvonne with questions.

Today’s swap is: Low Volume F8’s. Instructions are available on the blog.

     Cindy Marvel spoke about the Charity Quilt Program. These can be worked on individually or as a guild during sew time following each guild meeting. Today, interested members can work with Cindy on a “Make It Patchwork” quilt using 4½ in squares donated by guild members. Orphan blocks and UFO’s are a welcome donation. There is a link to the Charity program on the blog. Check there for more details.

     Marcy Gallagher gave an update on the charity quilt worked on by guild members and submitted to QuiltCon 2015. She requested that anyone who worked on the quilt please contact her with their name so it can be included on the label for the quilt.
     Marcy is also planning the guild’s first retreat. She updated us on ideas she has, venues she is exploring and passed around questionnaires asking “what would we like to do” and “what can you teach”. The retreat is tentatively planned for September, 2015.

     Becky Biddle passed out a survey, to be completed at the end of the meeting, on which members can indicate which programs they would be interested in seeing and any areas where they could help. A field trip to A&E was discussed.

     Natalie Dodd VanRandwyk talked about “Quilt National ‘13” being held in Panama City, FL. The exhibit can be visited through February 20, 2015. There is a $6 admission fee. For more information visit the Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida’s website.

Block Lottery

     The block lottery for this month, ‘Castle in the Air”, was won by Natalie Dodd VanRandwyk.
Next month’s block lottery, presented by Susan McDuffie, is ‘Hearts”. Details can be found on the blog as well as the rules governing the block lottery.
      Blocks may also be made using a red, white, and blue theme to be used for QOV.

Door Prizes

     Many wonderful door prizes were won by members, guests, and visitors. Each member wearing a name tag receives one ticket. Additional tickets may be purchased for $1 each.

Show and Tell

     Eleven members brought in show and tell this month, including one new member and one junior member of our guild. Pictures will be posted either on the blog or Facebook.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

February 2015 Block Lottery - 12" Heart Block

My name is Susan and I have been quilting for just over a year. Quilting for me is my happy place. My mother was an artist and encouraged me a lot growing up and I inherited her creative side :)

February is my month to pick our block. Of course I chose a heart - I LOVE hearts!! Well, hearts and hello kitty. Be glad I chose hearts! LOL!

The awesome pattern I found is a free one online from Amy Smarts who blogs at Diary of a Quilter
I love what this pattern stands for - 'Be Good to Your Heart'. Amy has made it really fun and easy. And what could be more perfect for our February lottery block!

Please visit Amy Smart and say hello!

The colors are white on white and solid or modern prints in reds or pinks.
Hope you love making this block as much as I did!

Oh and don't forget the rules!!

The rules are simple:
  • The Lottery is open to all ECMQG members in good standing.
  • Please use only quilt shop quality fabric (no big box fabric stores with the exception of designer lines). 
  • Please no batiks, civil war prints, or traditional fabrics.  If you are unsure about your fabric selection as it relates to 'Modern', just ask.    
  • The aesthetic is ALWAYS MODERN
  • Take your time to construct your block well; use 1/4" seam allowances. 
  • Blocks should be the correct size, within about a quarter of an inch.
  • Each block + $1 is one entry in the drawing.  You may submit as many entries as you would like.
  • Please label your block with your name, somewhere within the seam allowance.  An address label stuck to the back also works.  
  • Past winners can still contribute, but please understand until we see a finished quilt top (or project) from your bonanza, someone else will know the thrill of winning.

Block Lottery

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Programs 2015...We need YOU!

author's photo
Happy January, everyone! My name is Becky, and I am the program director for our meetings this year. I hope you have all recovered from the chaos of the holiday season, and you're ready for some quilty fun in 2015!

2015 is the year for everyone to get involved! We've had quite a few members volunteer this year, and they have joined together into committees and started planning some amazing things for the guild. We want this guild to belong to its members, through continued input and participation. Our guild meetings are a great place to meet with our friends, meet new ones, learn some new stuff and have fun. 

As program director, I am looking for some wonderful, amazing, talented ladies (this means you) that are willing to admit it, and help me out! 

Listed below are my fabulous ideas for potential programs this year. My intentions are to offer the most relevant information on modern quilting topics and techniques, in the areas of greatest interest to our members. I'd like everyone's input so that I can narrow down the options. 

Here are some ideas:
  • Glue basting (possibly Feb)
  • What's the deal with copyrights? (possibly March)
  • Field trip to A&E (possibly April) See last year's trip here
  • Hand quilting the modern way
  • Foundation paper piecing
  • English paper piecing, possibly modern medallions
  • Paperless paper piecing
  • How to prepare fabric for the best quilting results 
  • How to choose the best neutral for your project 
  • Deciding what to quilt 
  • Making labels
  • Modern vs Traditional fabrics. 
  • Binding quilts by machine, quilt binding attachments
  • Pixelated quilts
  • How to insert/attach zippers
In the comments below, please indicate which of these topics interest you, and which ones you can demonstrate to the guild. Don't be scared, I'm not looking for a fancy presentation! You can even volunteer in pairs or groups. 

Happy Quilting!

Monday, January 5, 2015

January and February 2015 Swaps

I am Cricket Harris and with the help of Yvonne Campbell, we will be arranging the swaps for this year.  

As a reminder, January's Swap is a F8 low volume swap, maximum of three different yard cuts.  Don't forget the meeting is this Saturday, January 10th!!!  

Bring your yard of fabric cut into F8s, each yard in an individual zip-top bag, and label the outside of your bag with your name.  At the meeting, drop your fabric off in the designated place.  Before you leave, you will receive your ziplock back with an assortment of F8s.  

For those still needing to cut fabric, here are the instructions posted earlier in the blog by Wendi Mihalik, last year's swap coordinator.

Cutting Modern Fat Eighths

1.  Press your fabric to remove the center crease.  Do not remove the selvages.

2.  Rotary cut your fabric lengthwise through the center.   This results in two pieces, each measuring approximately 22" x 36".

3.  Cut each 22" x 36" piece in half again lengthwise.  This gives you four pieces, each measuring 11" x 36".  

NOTE:  Solid fabrics are sometimes milled to wider widths than prints.  Be sure to measure the width and cut equal quarters.

4.  Cut each 11" x 36" piece in half crosswise.  This gives you eight pieces, each measuring 11" x 18".  A modern fat eighth.  

As always, if you have questions regarding the swap, or this tutorial, you can email me at cricket at superiorinhomecare dot com (M-F between 7 to 4:30) or harr703 at cox dot net anytime.  Your best bet is to text me on my cell phone or call me on my cell phone.  I am on the guild roster.  

February's Swap and our meeting lands on Valentine's Day!!!

For February, we are going to do a "Sweet Pouch" swap.  It will be a drawstring bag with a sweet treat for your partner.  

This will be a secret swap.  You will only know who you are making a bag for, and not who is making one for you.  

Sign ups are at the bottom of this post and close Saturday, January 17th.  I will assign partners on Sunday, the 18th, by the end of the day.  

There will be a program on this bag at the January 10th meeting.  I will be available after the meeting if you have questions, or would like assistance in making a test bag.  Materials needed, in addition to the normal notions, to sew a bag:  

- 3 fat quarters
- 2 yards of ribbon, or 1/8 yd fabric
- Coordinating thread

- Interfacing if you want to use it: enough for 2 cuts of 12.5" x 10.5" 

This is the lined drawstring bag we will be using for the swap.  The tutorial for the bag can be found on the blog, In Color Order by Jeni Baker. 

The only thing we would like is for the bag to made by the general pattern and finish close to the dimensions of the bag in the tutorial.  For example, you can piece the main fabric section of the bag, as in this tutorial, or if you want to make your bag striped, another tutorial is here.

Never done a neat nifty cut corner?  The tutorial is here.

All these tutorials are from Jeni Baker's In Color Order blog, so please pop over and let her know what you've made.  And maybe a "thank you" for the tutorials she worked so hard to give the quilting/sewing community.  

Hope to see you at the meeting!


Yvonne & Cricket
Swap Coordinators

Sign Ups:
Reminder, signups close January 17th!

E-mail:  blank at wherever dot com
Favorite colors:
Favorite sweet treats:

Name:  Cricket Harris
E-mail:  harr703 at cox dot net
Favorite colors:  all of them!  I know, no help at all...
Favorite sweet treats:  semi-sweet dark chocolate!  No red dye, no nuts please....allergies...other than that, I don't discriminate!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

January Block Lottery

Happy holidays and may the new year bring you much joy! 

This will be my 1st post on ANY blog and hopefully I make sense!  The block lottery for 2015 has been handed over to a committee of 3 - Susan M, Yvonne C and myself, with me being in charge of the January block.

My name is Elaine and I started quilting about a year and a half ago.  Quilting has become my new obsession.  What I have loved about the block lottery is that I have learned so much and it has made me step outside what was comfortable for me at the time.  It strengthened my quilting skills, as well as made me laugh at the the mistakes I made.  It gave me ideas for new quilts I have in my "I want to make" list.

Welcome to the new year and the beginning of the next year of block lotteries!

The block I chose for January can be found at the Quilter's Cache and is called Castle in the Air.

The block was not terribly difficult but there were a few quirks I found along the way that I wanted to share that might help you in creating your block. 

It finishes to a 12.5” block. The final design is fun to play with.

First of all, make sure you read through all three pages of making/cutting the block.  If you are new to the Quilter’s Cache site, you will see links at the bottom of the 1st page that take you to page 2, page 3, etc., as well as, actual blocks or quilts that were made as examples.
In making the block, I found I had to use a scant ¼” seam throughout the ENTIRE block to make it come out the size and way I wanted.

I did have to refer back to their diagrams for the final piecing arrangement on several occasions. They took the guess work out of it for me.

Color #1  - will be a blue or green modern print  
Color #2  - will be a yellow modern print
(The one I used was a lighter print that gave a little texture to the yellow - almost low volume in design.)
Color #3  - Kona White (I used brighter colors, but any shade of white will work for this block.)

This block works well with scraps you might have.  Below are the color combos I used.

The next set of cuts prior to stitching:

The final blocks in all their glory!

Hopefully you find these as fun as I did and I can't wait to see what all of you come up with.

As a final note, my thanks to Kira and all of the blocks she gave us over the last year.

Happy quilting & contact me if I can help in any way,

Natalie was our winner for January, and here are the blocks she won!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ornament Swap Ideas

Just in case you were looking for ideas for our ornament swap at Marcy's next month, here are a few pictures and ideas.  If I could find a tutorial link, it's included.  If I couldn't find a tutorial, I tried to get you to the original person or source of the creativity.

Have fun!  I know you'll craft some fabulous ornaments!!

ECMQG Secretary

Monday, October 13, 2014

November 2014 - Lottery Block 'Kaleidoscope'

Welcome to the ECMQG October 2014 Block Lottery!

If you are new to the group, or our blog, you can read the general Block Lottery details here, as well as see previous blocks (with instructions or tutorials) and past winners.  As always, please read through the entire instructions before cutting and sewing.

What is this month's color palette?  Think of those yummy peppermint candies, with the bold red and pure white colors.

As you sort through your scraps and stash, pull red and white print fabrics.  Your background fabric will be white - Kona, Moda, or another quilt shop quality pure white solid. 

The block we are going to make can be found here, courtesy of Marcia Hohn .  

It is a 6.5" unfinished paper-pieced block. 

**To participate, you must make four individual blocks and join them into a 12.5" unfinished block.' 

Click here for the template.  
  • Print four sets of templates.  There are two pieces to each 6.5" block.
  • Check the test square.  It should be 1" (or 1 and 1/16").  Anything larger or smaller will create an incorrect sized block.
  • Mark spaces numbered 2 & 5 (I just make an X) for your red and white print fabrics.
  • Spaces numbered 1, 3, 4, & 6 are for the white solid fabric.
  • Once you've sewn your fabrics to the template, trim to the outside seam allowance.  This is the ONLY time you'll need to trim your blocks.  
  • Remove the paper.  Sew the two halves together to make one 6.5" unfinished block.
  • Repeat three more times.
  • Press and starch your blocks.
  • Sew two 6.5" blocks together, pressing seams open.
  • Repeat with the remaining two 6.5" blocks.  Again, press seams open.
  • Sew these "double" blocks together to make one, 12.5" unfinished Peppermint Candy block.  Press seams open. 
Resources for paper piecing, if you need a refresher, can be found with just a quick search engine inquiry.  I like Marcia's step-by-step lesson and this video from Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Have fun sewing!
xoxo,  Kira
ECMQG Block Lottery Coordinator